Alternative sculpts

Working on my Corbus and though a cool alternative sculpt for him would be with oversized fist or guantlets, throw a hook or uppercut. Any units you guys would like to see an alternative scuplt for? What new elements do you want added, and change of pose.

I have heavily converted both of my Scourge because I hate PP’s fetish for tiny spindly legs on Warjacks. I’d like to see the hips and legs modified on many jacks TBH.

Also, I’d love to see your conversions!


If PP wants to make a Jax Redblade sculpt that doesn’t look bad, I won’t complain.


That is what I almost wrote yesterday. But then I stopped, because:

Would I buy another version of a model I can only field once?

This is a rhetorical question: I totally would.


Ask the bloody Baron Mooregrave, or any of the many Character mini crates for war machine

What dont you like about her scuplt, is it the hair lol

That’s actually a question that I’ve struggled with. The pose is kinda super basic and doesn’t feel very natural or dynamic, but the real issue is just something off with the proportions. Perhaps the head is too big, perhaps it’s just the hair, I don’t know.

It’s a bit of an issue because I am perfectly comfortable modifying my models, and in fact have done head-swaps on a lot of my Marchers. But when I look at Redblade, I just don’t see what I need to do to make her look good. Perhaps I should just cut her head off and try blue-tacking in replacements until something clicks?

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Once per Faction they work for. I like having a separate Jax model for e.g. my Marchers and AC so I can paint them in my Faction theme.


I would really like to see the end product

Sadly I have my hands full with Monpoc right now. Also prepping some statues for a friend. Then I have a stack of Warmachine that I want to paint before I start playing Mk4… tbh Redblade is just VERY low on my hobby priority list. Maybe someday. Maybe.