My Brinebloods arrived!

Didn’t expect them so soon! They arrived yesterday, June 2. I glued in all the magnets and made some ship’s-deck type bases with a texture roller and Milliput, so they’re ready for spray-priming today:

I’m so hyped for these jolly fellows!


Awesome. I’ve been refreshing the tracking page daily hoping they might get here ahead of schedule.

I received mine the 2nd also super stoked about the new Trollbloods Friday I received my cygnar army expansion and love that they went with a better resin then what they started with a lot more durable and more detailed. I love everything they are doing keep up the great work pp

Yeah, I noticed the resin quality has improved. There wasn’t a single break in any of the Brinebloods pieces.

I managed to pull myself away from playing Zelda long enough to zenithal prime mine. Now to decide on a color scheme. I have enough muted, realistic color schemes already – I want something bright, bold and eye-catching. Some combination of blue, green, and purple maybe --colors that remind me of sea life.

@PapabearZ , @SaltTitan - what colors you planning to do on yours?

I’m probably gonna stick fairly close to studio, maybe with more purple. Exact same thoughts about the palette though; after going a bit darker than I had planned on Grymkin I’m looking forward to doing something brighter.

Here’s them after zenithal priming.

Well I tend to go close to box art but my thoughts on Trollbloods are that their race have different completions based on the area they inhabit so for instance my northkin are a much lighter blue then my regular Trollbloods and I think these brine bloods will be a blueish green for the skin and I think I’ll go with a muted color for clothing considering there will be bright colors for the octopus, squids, crabs and other sea life they seem to have on them.