What are Savage minicrates?

Privateer Press MiniCrate Akivasha Limited Edition Unpainted

What is this and why didn’t I get it? I’ve been a minicrater for a loooong time. Is this for another series? It’s pretty sweet. TIA

They briefly had a line of Conan Minicrate sand a a line of Legend of the Five Rings Minicrate a.

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The Savage minicrate line ran from something like September 2019 to June 2020. (Very, very roughly.) They weren’t around for a tremendously long time.

Some cool stuff, though. :slight_smile: I wanted King Conan but knew I’d never be able to paint it to my own satisfaction. :smile:

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As a big fan of Robert E. Howard’s works, I was happy to collect and paint the complete set of SAVAGE Minicrates. It was a pretty short run, as the rights to the various IPs (such as Conan and Solomon Kane) have changed hands lately.

Photos of my painted Conan-related Minicrates can be seen HERE (link takes you to Funcom forums, the creators of the Conan Exiles video game and current owners of the Conan IP). Some of the photos are kinda rubbish quality. I may try to get better photos (including the non-Conan-related models) and post them here at some date.