Please suggest P3 friendly paint racks and organizers!

I’d like to start organizing my paints a bit better, and a good paint rack would be nice. However it seems paint racks are mostly made for GW pots or much narrower dropper bottles.

Are there any out there that you can recommend that are P3 friendly from the get-go? Will GW ones work? Are there decent “universal” options? Heck, a legit STL would be nice too.

I mean, heck, that might be a nice little promo-thing for Privateer to make. Downloadable STL for a paint shelves.

The circumference of the bottom of P3 pots are actually a mm or two smaller than Citadel pots, so anything that fits Citadel should fit P3 no problem.

Nail Polish racks/stands/holders/whatever work surprisingly well for holding miniature paint pots and tend to cost half or less than what “miniatures hobby” whatever stuff costs.

I second the “nail polish rack” suggestion.

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I’ve not seen these in stores. I’m guessing it’s an online item?

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Amazon has about a million of them in stock. :slight_smile:

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I have a hobby zone wall rack, the one for GW paints fits P3 fine, mine are mixed in together on the same rack.

I try to avoid Amazon as much as possible. Even a local big box store is preferable for here. Any recommendations for good, small shops online would be appreciated.

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Feh. The local Target and Walmart did not have. Or Walgreens. And the spice racks aren’t in a configuration I like.