Warmachine Mk4 Games Day Feb 11 in Norfolk, VA

On Sunday Feb 11th, the Hampton Roads Atlantean game club will be hosting a Warmachine Mk4 Game Day at Atlantis Games & Comics in Norfolk, VA. This event is the kick off for a 5 week league the Hampton Roads Atlanteans will be running at Atlantis Norfolk from Feb 11th, to March 17th. The Event will last from 11am until 4pm, leaving players plenty of time to get home to watch the big game that starts at 6:30pm.

There will be several ways to participate in the Warmachine Mk4 Games Day. These include:

  1. There will be a mini 2 round tournament run for all those wishing to participate using the SR 2024 rules. The game size will be 100pts games. Round 1 will start at 11:30am and will use a 60 minute death clock per player. This event will be a one list minimum, 2nd list optional type event. Do not expect there to be much of a break between rounds, so plan accordingly.

  2. 1 or more free tables to play various Warmachine Mk4 narrative missions or to participate in a multiplayer team game, depending on interest.

  3. Never played Warmachine before, or have you played previously and are interested in checking out Mk4? The host will be running Demos of Mk4 all day.

  4. There will also be a painting contest for the best large based Warmachine Warjack, Warbeast, Monstrosity, or Horror model; one entry per player.

As this is an open play games day, players may use proxy models when playing games during the event. These models must be easily discernible as what they represent and be on the appropriate sized base.

During this event players will be earning raffle tickets for playing games, completing certain challenges, and participating in the painting contest. At the end of the day a winner will be drawn from the pool of entrants and that winner will receive a Mk4 Mercenary Airship Battle Engine Model supplied by Privateer Press. All events will give players access to additional prize support provided by The Ice King, The Hampton Roads Atlanteans game club, and Privateer Press.

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The Hampton Roads Atlantean Warmachine Community in Norfolk, VA had our Winter Games Day 2024 event this past Sunday to kick off a new Challenge League that will be lasting the next 5 weeks. We had 11 players show up and play a mix of tournament and casual games of SR 2024. Here are some pictures from the event.