Australian - CANCON 2024 WMH Event Details

Hello there!

My name is Daniel Tacken and I am the TO for the Warmachine MKIV events at Australias Largest Wargaming Convention CANCON 2024 on the 26th Jan to the 28th Jan 2024 (Canberra Games Society).

This year we will be running the following events:

  • Day 1: 100pts Prime Steamroller. 4 Rounds, cut to top 4 for finals on day 2
  • Day 2: 100pts Unlimited Steamroller. 4 Rounds.
  • Day 2 & 3: Prime Narrative event featuring 2 seasons of play of the Blacktide scenarios (player pack to be released)

You can buy tickets on the cancon tournaments website: Canberra Games Society

General Players pack: CANCON 2024 Warmachine MK4 Players Pack.pdf - Google Drive

We are proudly sponsored by Privateer Press and will have prize support for you as well as a a goodie bag for all attendees. So get your ticket and GET YOUR GAME ON!