Frosty Beaches 100pt Warmachine mk4 tournemant

Date: December 10th
Location: Atlantis Games & Comics in Norfolk, VA
Time: Registration starts at 11am, Round 1 starts at 11:30am
Cost: Free

Ice king here! Teaming up with the Hampton Roads Atlanteans to gather one last event to send off Steamroller 23 before welcoming Steamroller 2024 in January. All players are welcome to play but the event will cap out at 16 players and will only go for a maximum of 3 rounds. The event is 1 list minimum, 2nd list optional and both lists must be from the same Prime Army. December cheer is highly encouraged! (santa hats for your models or you)

Prize support: working on it(more details to be updated)

Players can signup to play in the Tournament click on the link to the Longshanks Tournament:

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