Warmachine App Error

So, the error with the Colossals/Gargs earlier today. Was fooling around, added one of them to a list and saved it. Now, with the problem fixed, that army list has bugged out. I can’t delete it, can’t scroll past it, and generally the app has soft locked itself. Restarting hasn’t fixed anything, nor has redownloading the data. I’m on an iPhone, is there any way to either delete the list manually or to otherwise fix the issue?

Truthfully I don’t know. I would email support@pp-support.zendesk.com about the issue. Be sure to include the version of iOS you’re on (in case it matters).

You solve this problem when garants will be released in app.
I have problem when void Dissepired from app and block my list and slot. But when they add him again it fixed issue :wink: