Warmachine App Offline Mode

Is there some kind of offline mode for the app? I drove a couple hours to play a game with a friend today and their wifi went down right before I got there. We couldn’t open the apps without getting the loading screen (which I had loaded mine that morning I just closed the app and needed to open again).

Turned into a four hour round trip for no warmachine which stinks because we only get a game in every couple of months. But I figured I’m missing something with how the app works. It seems like a cool app, I have the subscription and I have been enjoying the lore. Just not being able to use it really messed the day up.

Is there some kind of work around I’m missing?

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I hate when software won’t work unless you’re online (obviously not talking about software like messenger apps that obviously need to be connected to do anything). It’s simply a worse user experience that should have been avoidable.


There was another post here recently on this, and someone said that after emailing PP about it that it was a bug and should be getting resolved soon.

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It is already resolved with the last App-Update.

@Dread_Pirate_Roberts : Do you run the latest version off the Warmachine App?


Cool thanks for posting that! I figured I was just doing something wrong but hearing it’ll be resolved soon that’s even better.

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I do have the latest app update on my phone, but maybe I need to delete and redownload it if they made the fix already.

Hmm, strange. Just updating to the version 1.2.05 solved that problem for me. I’m on iOS don’t know about android.

It’s even mentioned in the change log: