Units and Knocked Down Models

Looking to get official clarification on a rule I see a lot of divide on.

Trooper A is knocked down and at the beginning of the unit’s actication sacrifices it’s movement to stand up. Trooper B begins a movement/charge, and trooper A is placed along with the unit. Does trooper A get to use it’s combat action?

We recently had this discussion in another thread:

I don’t feel like it came to a bulletproof conclusion. As such, I shall tag in an Infernal for resolution.

@elswickchuck Can you definitively answer this one?

Edit: posting rules and screenshots from a phone is annoying and I don’t feel like fighting it anymore right now. :sweat_smile:

Chuck, I’ll leave it up to you to provide a final answer.

Trooper A in the example does not get its combat action.


Can i ask why?

The only part about a placed trooper needing to forfeit its Combat Action has to do with it suffering an effect that prevents it from advancing, but forfeiting Normal Movement dosen’t prevent advancing (e.g. Side Step, Overtake, Reposition) - it just prevents a model from using its Normal Movement to advance.

But as we’ve seen elsewhere with rulings on Scyrafael’s feat, placed troopers arent consodered to have advanced anyways.

Indeed, the example text in the same rules section explicitly says that forfeiting Normal Mocement is not an effect that prevents advancing.

At this point it is where internal discussion has gone in regards to not wanting knocked down troopers being able to move with the moving trooper who is not knocked down and being able to attack

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So is this specific to knocked down models only?

If there is some other effect that a trooper can/must forfeit its Normal Movement to (e.g. Stranglehold) is the intention that it also must forfeit its Combat Action after being placed as part of its unit’s movement?