30 point Recon Mission Setup MK4: The Quick and the Dead

So Im planning a few armies out and thought I’d share. My goal is to make a fast attack, hit and run, group with minimal models in a Recon MK4 setup.

With Agatihia, if the seethers are within range they get to turn incorpreal if they kill a living or undead unit.

With her feat everyone goes stealth for a turn which is great for approaching Cygnar troops. Additionally, for 6 focus she can make all three jacks Ghostly to phase through terrain.

The Seethers meanwhile run and charge without focus, get multiple attacks with Berserk so they will be more likely to kill and become incorporeal.

Pair this with the total running movement speed of 11 inches and the reposition. Its a great way to get to where you need to go.

The cards then are chosen to mitigate damage and increase mobility by enabling pathfinder if needed.

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I’m guessing careful reconnaissance is an insurance in case you don’t have enough focus to hand out ghostwalk?

You can also consider taking blessing of the gods over it. Helps against spells that makes it harder for your seether to kill :slight_smile:.

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I was reviewing cards and realized that infiltration only works with Warrior Models so that will be getting swapped out.