Steamroller 2024 Tiebreaker

Recording game results calls out for calculating opponent’s army points destroyed.


The same is mentioned when determining tiebreakers.

However there’s no explanation how army points destroyed is calculated and it is not even a part of the tiebreaker definition.

What’s the intent here? Do we still calculate army points destroyed or does it all boil down to recording and determining scenario presence points now?

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It looks to me like it’s under 2nd Tiebreaker. The bullets on the right-hand side explain how to record the point costs. (So, basically, rather than repeating the same rules a second time under some sort of “Calculating Points Destroyed” heading, I think the intent is “use those same rules to count points destroyed.”)


Looks like the army points destroyed being recorded is hold over the 2023 document.

Good catch. Maybe they will clean that up.

This is a necessary way to determine tournament placement at the end of an event. If its a hold over, its an important one that should stay. This is how standings have been determined for quite some time now so I dont think you are correct about it being a mistake.

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I don’t think it’s a holdover. While it is true that army points destroyed is the 4th tiebreaker for final standings, and ought to be pretty unlikely, you have to have some way to break ties. :slight_smile:

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Right you are, I missed that line under the “Final Standings” section.

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