MK4 polish summer league

Hi everyone!

I’d like to post the rules of our polish summer league here, as it may perhaps encourage someone to do something similar :wink:

The main goal of this league is to motivate players, both experienced and totally new, with different level of skill in the game. We will value number of games played over the results. Also, we will reward games played in LGS more than those played at home, as we would like to increase the visibility of Warmachine in our gaming community in Poland. It is directed to players in Poland, but as I said before, it may encourage someone to do something similar in your community :wink:

Here is the initial draft for the rules:

We’re starting a nationwide polish league that will reward the number of games played :wink: Based on the number of tickets won, we will draw a MK4 box, and depending on the size of the package from PP, we will reward additional achievements. More information below.

  1. League Format
    You and your opponent determine the battle size, ranging from 25 to 100 points. There are no traditional weekly rounds to play the games, no opponent drawing, no list lock, and you are not limited to a specific army :wink: The only requirement is that the models must be assembled.

  2. Acquiring Victories
    Each played game corresponds to a certain number of tickets:

  • A game played at home counts as 1 ticket.

  • A game played in a store or game club counts as 2 tickets.

  • A tournament game counts as 2 tickets.

  • An additional half ticket is awarded for playing a game where at least 50% of your army’s points are painted, rounded up at the end :wink:

Why this system? We want to increase the visibility of WMH among other players and show that the game is still alive :stuck_out_tongue: Since it’s somewhat of a quiet season during the holidays, let’s make something going on!

  1. Reporting Games
    Report your played games on Facebook within 24 hours on the Warmachine & Hordes Polska group at Warmachine & Hordes Polska | Facebook.
    Share a photo of the game, information about where you played and who won. The description doesn’t have to be so concise, though :wink: I will keep an updated list on Google Sheets, which will be accessible HERE (there will be a link here before the start of the league :wink: ). In case any of the players don’t have Facebook, please email the necessary information to

I rely on your honesty and hope that you won’t just stage your miniatures for the photo :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Duration of the League
    We’ll be playing from June 12th to August 31st, with the possibility of extending the fun for additional time depending on how long the package from PP takes to arrive :wink:

  2. Prizes
    At the end of the league, based on the number of tickets, we will draw the winner of the main prize, a MK4 box, from all the players participating in the league. The size and number of prizes will largely depend on how many people sign up :wink: If possible, the person with the most played games, most victories, etc., will also qualify for a prize.

Additionally, the winner will cover the shipping cost for the prize. Preferred method is a parcel locker :wink: The shipping date will depend on the delivery from PP. I will keep you informed.

  1. Entry Fee
    The entry fee of PLN 20 will be used entirely to cover the shipment from the USA and any taxes, and I will likely contribute the rest myself :stuck_out_tongue: however, we might be able to exclude the entry fee, I’ll keep you informed.

Discussion about the league is taking place on our polish Discord server, here’s the link: WarmaHordes Polska

Sign-ups will be done through TK. I will start collecting the entry fees only after PP confirms the prizes and sends the package.

The regulations are not yet in their final form and may change.

What do you think about this idea for a league?