50, 75, 100 point games?

Curious how big your battles are. All the events I’m seeing are 100 points, but I’ve been loving my 50 point games. They’re a nice “play a game after work” size, especially for those of us that don’t play often!

I’ve also dabbled as a TO in the past, and being able to plan a 3 or 4 round event during a store’s open hours feeling MUCH less intimidating at 50 or 75 points than 100.


I have mostly been playing 50 pts and plan to start playing more 75 pt games. So far the players around me seem comfortable with both game sizes!

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I am planning to go the 100 point event at rocky top game con so recently games are 100 points. That said, list building at 100 meams that i get literally all the toys while at 75 i am forced into some meaningful choices.

I generally prefer 75


We’ve been playing a lot of 75 pt. games. 75 pts. makes the SR scenarios seem VERY live, but the brawlmachine scenarios work pretty well at 75. I don’t thing the SR scenarios are bad at 75, it just means you have to be paying attention or you can lose on scenario quickly.

I have been reluctant to try 100 pts. Most of the list building I’ve seen at 100pts. feels very spamy and monotonous. Maybe once Colossals and Cadre get added in, it will feel a bit better.


I’ve felt like the scenarios take center stage at 50, though I haven’t yet felt like they’re overwhelmingly live. Definitely the potential for some mismatches there that would feel bad for a player that drew a bad matchup. I just love how fast and furious those games are!

We have so far only run 75 pts events (but at 50 minutes because 45 feels a bit constrained). The plan is that the more casual club will run 50pts beginner’s events and the more competitive club will run 100pts wtc prep events. Both will run 75 pts events.

Time constraints is much more tied to the number of players than 75/100 anyway (50 is super fast).

Oh, and we remove objectives at 75pts. Works fine.

I think 75 points is better for meaningful choices, that being said I also think steamerrer currently hasn’t been updated as much and is too big currently for 75 points.

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We played pretty much only 75 point games until WTC declared they will use 100 points (and as a result every tournament does so too).

I liked list building in 75 as you had to do real choices to get everything needed in. On the other hand especially Legacy armies have quite a lot of so and so models which practically never make it to 75 point lists. At 100 points you can take everything needed and then a few extra toys.

Winning on scenario is much harder with 100 points though and makes a lot of the games go into big and long grind. In here the 60 min time limit is way too low.

I like 50 point games for the reasons you described. Would be cool to see steamrollers designed for 50, 75, 100 point games.

We were playing 75 for a while in Sydney but we found that a lot of lists were not as interesting as we would like because often youd take a bunch of good models and then you are out of points.

100 points allows us to take a bunch of good models as well as some meaningful choices to tailor matchups and answer questions with things that moght be less good as a generalist choice.

Only enjoying 100 point games at the moment.

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Before COVID we did 50-75 games in MKIII. When we started playing again last year we started with Brawlmachine, but eventually got back up to 50 points and sat there.

When MKIV started we shifted to 75 points but when I got the Orgoth army (and we had a couple new players join) so we’ve been playing a lot of 50 points. But are going back to 75 points this week moving forwards.

At 50 points I feel sometimes you have a bad matchup and it is difficult to overcome. At 75 it doesn’t feel as bad but I bet if we reached 100 things would just keep getting more balanced.

My wife & I play 50 pts exclusively so far, but we plan to mix in some 30pt & 75pt games here & there.

For what we’re looking for out of the game as far as time commitment, mental tax, etc, 50pt games are the perfect fit for us.


Ive played mostly 100point games now and I quite enjoy it, its a lot less models than old mk 3 lists were at that size since no jack/beast points and no free solos/theme list freebies. I like 100 for events in that you can sorta build a more complete pairing, where my experience has been that 75 you can come up with some skews that if the other folks didnt anticipate your skew woops there ya go. That said I think for more friendly events, just social after work games or beginner games 75 points is a fantastic spot and I do really enjoy the game there.

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I agree with ya here, I find that the final “balance” is best at 100 in my experience but for just having fun and hanging out 50 is great, 75 rocks too. as long as people are having fun theres no wrong way to play

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90% of my games are 100pt. They just feel the most balanced.
50pts usually with newer players and 75pt when my opponent requests it. Mostly that is with returning players.

I’ve mostly played 50 so far, though because of life stuff I’ve been mostly playing solomachine so that’s an ease-of-use thing as much as anything. Haven’t tried 100 yet.

Only played 100 points, for the same reason already mentioned. Some armies can be easily do what they want to do in small lists, and others can’t. If you want to honour your adversary you need to give him the space for it’s strategy, and that implies that the game needs to be 100 points. That’s how I feel at least.

We have endeavored to make the game ‘balanced’ at every level, which is why we have set some of the restrictions around certain model types and certain point sizes. It’s actually much harder to create a smaller point-size list than a larger one. With more points, you can throw more in, so you have all your options. Smaller lists require tough decisions, and those should not be taken lightly. From our point of view, all point sizes are viable and should be embraced. Personally, I’ve been enjoying 50 point games teaching my kid to play on the weekends. I also look forward to our inevitable bigger 100 point game at some point what he’s ready to throw everything at me. But flexibility is something we have tried to make intrinsic to the MKIV experience. There’s no one right way to play it, only the way that you enjoy.


50 so far. But only a couple games so far. My whole Orgoth is about 75pts. Gonna try that tomorrow.

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