Slaughterhouse opinions


After some games with the slaughterhouse, I would like to share my view and get your opinions
From my perspective:

  • It has the right power level, with a good survivability (arm20, boxes, synergies with Deadknell and arcanas), a very good melee, and a complementary ranged drag attack. This makes fully sense on the overall grymkin army design (poor ranged, good melee). It’s duration and melee power are relatively similar to 2 SM and points are the same, so it feels its stats are at the right level.

  • points cost is very reasonable, allowing the lists still to bring many other options.

  • Its animus is very good and a good adittion to the faction average mat

  • Its synergies with casters are ok, but not too strong (probably only strong under OW, as everything in the faction xD). KoN does not take good advantage, as cloud wall does not work, as it also happens to wanderer and star crossed. For heretic and dreamer it is a nice adittion, and for child is kind of mixed feelings, as abuse is feeling super good… unless there is a chance to break one aspect, and then it is useless. OW is taking good advantage of it with both boundless and windstorm.

  • this is the only colossal in the game that has no way in its faction to be healed before activation, and it has to relay on snaking to heal a broken aspect. No fury from caster can be used to heal (construct) and there is no access to units or command cards that heal constructs in this faction. This feels a little as a design mistake on a model that otherwise would be a on a very nice spot. Snaking is nice for it’s rfp, but is not reliable as a healing mechanic (all activation is conditioned and depends on enemy being living model). This is too much of a handicap for 26 points, and if I were PP I would try to solve this without increasing its power level.

  • the model is super cool and deserves to be played!!! :slight_smile:

As grymkin players or grymkin rivals: What are your experiences with it? How do you see it? And what do you think on the healing mechanic? Did you achieve to have it working properly throughout snaking?

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I’ve yet to be able to put it on the table sadly but I do think it seems decent. Im not sure how often it’s better for the points than a couple heavies, which is a classic gargantuan problem, but it does pack some very good stats and the animus is interesting.

Plus it looks cool as hell.