Correcting my error on primecast re: sky raider/bomber info

I hate to be the one to let the air out of anyone’s balloon, but I made a mistake on yesterday’s PrimeCast Episode 17 when I touched on the accidentally leaked information about the future Sky Raider and Sky Bomber models that are currently in development.

During the segment, I stated that the Sky Raider and Sky Bomber were being developed to work with Legacy armies but I was corrected and set straight during our weekly development meeting this morning. The Sky Raider and Sky Bomber will be mercenary models that can only be included in some MKIV armies in the future. My confusion stemmed from these models originating during the MKIII era, but our development team reminded me today that the abilities these models bring to the table are too specific to be universally available to all armies and our intention with the new rules developed for them was to limit them to being MKIV mercenaries that only work with specific armies.

My apologies for this error and for any disappointment it may cause. It’s been a wild month — I have been issued a stern warning and have promised to write, “I will not spread misinformation” on the whiteboard 100 times. With any luck this will be my only gaffe this week!

Matt Wilson
Chief Creative Officer


These models still sound very cool. I hope they work with my Brineblood army

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I see what you did there :wink: hey man, it happens to the best of us. Still psyched to see those models

Put your money where your mouth is: do whatever is needed to make them available to Prime Legacy armies!

Alright, I’m just kidding. This sort of thing is bound to happen on occasion.

Heh. Matt has some history of doing just that - he mistakenly says something that gets people excited, and then decides that it actually needs to happen. I can only imagine the nightmares that has caused to the production and marketing teams.


In that case, can anyone stitch together a voice clip from old recordings, to make it sound like he said Karchev will be back, so we can hold him to it?


That is an interesting, broad, and very vague generalization. For the record, why don’t we get a list of those instances going right here. :smiley:

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There’s a really old story from the old forum days that Garryth 1 came about because you were drawing during a meeting and then said “make this guy”

Well, I can’t confirm or deny that something along those lines took place, though I will say that given that I’m usually the one running the meetings, I’m never doodling during them. That said, it IS my job to decide what we make and don’t, so hopefully that isn’t the source of anyone’s nightmares. :sweat_smile:

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Stryker 3’s head options, unless I remember totally wrong.

And yeah, I admit I misremembered the thing about variant pose Mk4 warjacks, as there’s no evidence that you wrote the blog post where they were originally mentioned, but you made them happen, for which we are grateful.

And I’m sure some “complaints” regarding the spontaneous creativity of the CCO have been made in jest, so I don’t mean to imply that I’d have any serious inside information on how decision making at PP goes. If anything, I think it’s one of PP’s greatest strengths that the person behind the creative work is also the person calling the shots. (I mean, we know of some games companies where faceless international investment corporations call the shots, and look what that has done to them.)


(I was waiting for inspiration to strike so I could make up several obviously fake quotes and attribute them to the long-dead original forums, but it never happened. It would have been funny, though.)

Variant pose confusion — guilty as charged.

Goggles up/Goggles Down Stryker — that was a nod to my good friend, Norm. (Guilty again.)

I don’t think anybody lost any sleep over that stuff but me. :crazy_face:

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So would that be the same as the brinebloods/pyg airship? Will it be magnetized?