Shop Talk: The Cross-section of a Meta

Hi everyone. My name is Mario and I make a little show a couple times a month interviewing local players here on the northwestern coast of North America.

You can find the show here:

We are also on apple podcasts and spotify etc…

Im happy to have discussions here.


A little show?! You mean a great one!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. We try. Having a way to share, promote and highlight the awesome people here has helped reignite interest for the game i think. Its been a tough road but weve had great success with events so far.

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It’s a great pod :slight_smile: 10 chars. Man, this is starting to feel just like the old forums :smiley:

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Found it. Listened to it. Bookmarked it. Great podcast.

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Ive had a great time enjoying it! I look forward to more, nice to hear about the community

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I have no idea if this reply will work or if you meant this as a private message but here goes.

Thank you so much