Calling all new players! What sort of info would you like to see?

We were all new players once, and we all love seeing new players join the game. One of my favorite things about the hobby is talking to new players, answering their questions, and sharing my love of the game and setting with them.

However it’s been a long time since I’ve been a new player, so as much as I’ve tried writing topics here that I think will be helpful to them I’ve certainly missed things. If you’re a new player or have been a new player recently or know a new player and there’s some piece of information you think should be here but isn’t I would love to hear about it so I can maybe fix that!

What sort of questions did you have when you started that you had trouble finding answers to? Where there mechanics or concepts that didn’t made it harder to get in to the game without an explanation? Did you or someone you know bounce off the game or setting at first because something didn’t make sense to you?

Anything that you would have found helpful when you were first starting out, share it here so we can help make sure future new players can find it.