Priming Magnetized Warjack Pieces

Been trying to figure out the best way to prime all these little magnetized pieces that come with the new Mk4 warjacks. They can get blown around by the primer spray if you just lay them on a flat surface, especially the heads, and paint can pool under them as well.

I finally decided on the old tomato can method. Makes it easy to get them from all angles, all in one lot.

What do you think?


Good idea! Totally going to give this a shot

Nice idea.

I stick mine onto magnetic rods and spray them individually for an even coverage but then stick them onto an old trophy bowl made of brass, in a very similar fashion as you do. Then I can keep them held there while I paint them, so it’s also easy to pick one for painting and them put it back to dry. The magnetic rod doubles as a handle during painting.

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What do you use as rods?

I bought some cheap metal rulers, but I like the soup can method!

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I built a priming stick with some drywall screws and a piece of wood.


That’s a solid idea too! I think I like that even more than my metal ruler!


Rod magnets, bought from a shop that specializes in magnets. Not sure if it’d be okay to link it here.

I used a pair of old scissors that i had to hand, but the tin can method feels like a good plan, I’ll have to stash one with my airbrush!

I have a drill bit that I super glued a magnet to that is the same polarity as the jack bodies, let’s me turn them around every which way in order to prime the crevices