Mini Magnet Help

I got a great bear for Christmas, love the mini but I made a mistake when I was super gluing the magnets in and now I can’t attach some of the arms, I was wondering if there is a way to safely remove the magnets without damaging the mini or melting the resin

Cheers in advance

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Congratulations on the Christmas gift! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about the mishap! I can offer you a couple ideas, but I’ll defer to others who might be able to offer you other options. :slight_smile:

Absolute worst case, you can drill out the magnet, clean out the debris, and set a fresh one in place. But, I’m sure there are probably a few less-destructive alternatives you can try first. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what’s the exact problem? Did you flip the polarities among the same-side arms?

Thank you

yea the issue is that if I flipped the polarities on some of the arms (my own fault, first time using magnets on miniatures and didn’t bother to take my time) so I can’t place em on the body.

my main idea is to buy some Aceton and try to swab it so it melts the super glue and let me flip the magnets, but my main concern with that is that it will damage the resin.

I’ve heard that heating up the magnet with a soldering iron will break the glue’s bond. It will also permanently damage the magnet so the magnet will need to be replaced, but at least a couple of people have said that it’s the easiest way to get a magnet out of a Mk4 model without damaging the model. I think I heard that the magnet will retain enough magnetism to be pulled out of the socket by the soldering iron itself, so I guess you just keep trying to pull it out of the socket with the soldering iron as you heat it up.

I haven’t tried it myself though, so… good luck.

You can also get a small metal washer or something similar for the arm. It will stick to the magnet in the body sufficiently well and doesn’t care about polarity.

A trick that I learned by accident that will work as long as you did not use too much glue. Get the full stack of magnets you currently have, attach them to the magnet you want to pull out, then try and pull it free.

The stack of multiple magnets increases the overall force and it may be enough to pull it free of the glue.

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