Best practices for storing and transporting paints (any brand)

Last year I picked up my brush again and realized a bunch of my paints went bad. They dried up or separated and somehow hardened together. This was totally my fault as I forgot about them for a year or more, leaving them on a table by a window. So they got the fullness of Hawai’i daylight that whole time plus our normal heat (we try not to use the air conditioning because that gets expensive quickly over here).

Well, I ordered some more, did some projects, etc. And this month I took the paints to a friend’s house to help her learn how to paint (60+ year old pastor wanting to paint her D&D mini). Well, after that I left my paints in my CAR like a moron.

In the past my paints in dropper bottles dry up in the nozzle which drives me nuts so I try to avoid droppers. Part of why I prefer paint pots.

So I need to learn some best practice here. I have them in a desk organizer wire-mesh thing but I’m guessing this isn’t ideal. I use P3, Vallejo, Army Painter, Citadel, and just started with Reaper. Help?


I don’t know any special way to store paints so that they don’t dry. I figure putting them all in one box and giving the whole box a shake every now and again might help prevent, or at least reduce, paint separating out? Dunno.

I have been able to save paints (not completely dry ones of course) using GreenStuffWorld’s paint revitaliser, along with PP mixing medium and water.