Hello, looking for a specific Circle Orboros paint scheme

Back in time, on the old Privateer Press forums, when Meg Maples was part of the staff, she painted a unique Circle Orboros army with a paint scheme featuring light pink and a pale olive green if I recall correctly. I have wanted to use that paint scheme on an army for a long time, but cannot find any of the pictures, I was sure I had saved them in the past. I know it’s a long shot, but do any of you have those pictures from the old forums saved? It would make my day!


I remember those. I think they were for a staff slow-grow league or something. It was a very nice color scheme, too. Unfortunately I didn’t save those pictures, and a quick googling doesn’t show any hits either. It’s of course possible that Ms. Maples has those pictures on some of her gallery sites somewhere, but the ones I quickly checked out seemed to have only those studio models she had painted for PP’s official gallery.

Bummer, I knew it was a long shot that anyone would have those pictures, or remember exactly what the colors were, but I figured there’s no harm in trying!