Party Pyg (2nd try)

Nobody parties like the Party Pyg! Hope you like him!


Very nice, bright and colourful. I do feel the brown around the bolts on the barrel bands feels a bit weird? I assume it’s supposed to be rust, but it feels too neat and regular for that. I know that rust tends to form in recesses where moisture will collect and there will be less rubbing that clears the rust off, but still: it probably wouldn’t be that consistent and regular. Anyway, I reckon rust, corrosion and weathering are natural processes that look best with a degree of inconsistency and randomness.

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Yeah, the rust caught my attention too. It seems out of place on an otherwise clean, neat and tidy model.

Other than that, it’s a beautifully painted model. The NMM works fine, although on the lower portions on the barrel the metal parts should probably be darker. There’s a good amount of detail without being excessive, and the choice of colors is balanced.

So yeah, I like him.

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nice striped pants! I think the rust looks fine myself, you can use dark orange inks for this effect too

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