Khymaera previw battlegroup finished

So i finished my khymaera shadowflame shard battlegroup


The colours look good. I’m curious about what paints you’re using and how you’re applying them; the green glow areas are quite patchy, my guess is thinning your paints more and applying more layers would give a smoother result.

First im in brazil, so hobby products are obcenely expensive, so we need to improvise, but thanks for the feedback i will try put extra layers to smooth it out

Typically craft store acrylics need more thinning than miniature painting acrylics, if that’s what you’re using.

Preety much, thanks for the advice, i will make sure to use of it when making the 2nd to 4th hydriz and on this one if i decide to fix it latter, since its painted to be looked at 3ft away, than again thanks for the advice

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