Quick Toro Paint Job

I painted up a Toro to use in IKRPG, I had the chance to play around with dirty down rust pigment.
This took about 2 hours start to finish and I’m pretty happy with the final product.


The image files seem to be very small. Also the photos only show part of the model. I think you will get more feedback if you post photos that show the entire model, at a slightly higher resolution.

for some reason it only uploaded the thumbnail previews, I’ve changed them for proper photos now :slight_smile:

the rust pigment is very cool

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Very nice! Seems like very efficiently used two hours. I’d probably need two to three days to get a 'jack look that neat.

I can’t tell if you edited your post, but the photos look much better to me now. Very nice work, love the weathering and the very limited use of red as a spot colour. I like the bases too, they feel quite natural.

I re-added the photos, apparently when you drag and drop from a google drive it just puts the preview in, I foolishly assumed it would use the full image when I posted.
The bases are very natural, they are the same as the ones for my Dusk, I wanted a very forest floor feel to them, so the leaves are seed pods, and the branches are actual twigs :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s interesting. I haven’t tried posting any photos yet myself.

90% of the work is airbrush.
Metals, then mask those and do 3 coats for the armour plate (in this case a blue grey, then white then white ink).
After that it was ink on the metals and a quick highlight, sponge method for chips with a highlight on the chips, a quick satin primer before Dirty Down rust which I pushed around until I was happy with it.
It is really good to work with, and this was the first use on a proper model.

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