Painted Riot Quest, Malvin and Mayhem

Saudações, salutations, greetings

Here’s a photo of a Malvin and Mayhem, that I painted quite a while ago.

I have to thank privateer press for sending me the missing arm with the cool red button. When I bought it, it came with 2 right arms, instead of the left and right arms. Nevertheless with some communication privateer press helped me solving this issue and now I can properly show you the model. I believe it will also be a boost to the morale of the employee who shipped me the left arm, now he knows he’s work definitely is important, and definitely as meaning to others. Thank you privateer press employee.

Hope you enjoy

Com os meus cumprimentos,
With my best regards,

Diogo Serranito


Privateer Press’ missing parts service is great, they’ve helped me out several times. Nice work on M&M, I love the face and the teeth! My only complain is there’s too many different elements painted in similar shades of green. Malvin’s face, Mayhem’s armour, glowy bits, and even the base; they kind of blend together. Especially for the bases, I try to pick different colour schemes from the model on them so that they don’t take attention away from the models.