Orgoth names - specifically Ulkor

I’m currently working on our next batrep video & it’ll be the first to have my Orgoth. Our batreps have a narrative flavor and we like to name all of our models…but I’m a bit lost on any examples of Ulkor names. I don’t remember seeing any in the “Dark Rising” fiction that showed any of the Ulkor being named.

There’s enough examples of the human Orgoth names that I can extrapolate and come up with names for my Reaver Commander, but I’m stuck when it comes to my Ulkor Barragers.

Did I miss something in Dark Rising where there’s any examples of Ulkor names? If not, does anyone know of any other areas / articles that might give at least one or two Ulkor names?

Thanks in advance for any help!


I don’t remember seeing any Ulkor called out by name in the fiction so far. Guess you could give them Orgoth names for now under the pretense that the Orgoth seem more likely to just call them whatever rather than bother learning their language or names.


I went back to re-read what there was about the Ulkor and it described them as “Ogrun-like”. That gave me the idea of starting with names based on Ogrun and then tweaking them to have some of the Orgoth stylings (like dual letters “KishtAAr”, HoRRuskh", etc).

So, I’m going to go with that for now and if we get some better guidance / examples from PP in future articles or lore, I’ll adjust going forward.


The Heroes and Villains for Horruskh says one of his famous achievements in a past life is defeating an Ulkor rebel leader named Bokrokk the Silencer. That’s the one I know of.


Thank you! I’ve only read through Dark Rising & haven’t had a chance to dive into the Heroes and Villains section yet.

So yeah, this is based on real world stuff and may be heavy, i’m from a country with historic slavery(brazil) here it was common pratice to strip african and natives(yeah the portuguese enslaved the ondiginous population for a “short” period of time untill the church decided that they had souls) of their orinal names, and give them “civilized” names fot the convenience of the enslaver, and to cut their ties with their homeland and culture.

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