Munk's Wildfire Wolds

I’ve been making some good progress on my Circle of Orboros Secret Dominion army, and wanted to share the work I’ve done! The idea is they are powered by natural wildfire magic, I hope you enjoy!

I’ll update more as I finish parts of the army! Next on the bench are Wold Stalkers and the Celestial Fulcrum


The wildfire name definitely makes sense with how much those runes catch your eye!


Bold move with picking orange as a secondary color. But it payed off, looks great and it’s very fitting for the name. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I really wanted the runes to pop. I will admit I didn’t even go as far as primary or secondary color considerations (I’m not that far in my mini painting career), I just saw this color interaction with zealot yellow speed paint over white when showing my wife how speed paints worked, and it was an “ahah!” moment. I just wanted the runes to glow like this after that

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I have finished up a celestial fulcrum!

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