Obliterator rocket aoe knockdown on all?

Invictus Obliterator rocket has critical knockdown, which states “on a critical hit, the model hit becomes knockdown”

This is an aoe 3, so on a critical hit, does it knockdown all 4 models, or just the primary target?

Ordinarily I’d say all 4 because of the ‘hit’ wording (instead of direct hit), but it also uses an awkward singular “the model hit”
This is different wording to similar effects: eg great bear deep freezer says “a model hit”, and renegade rocket says “models hit become knockdown”. Both of these wordings are clearer that all models are affected

Apologies for grammar nazi post, but it feels unclear

Don’t worry about the awkward singular.

All models hit by the AOE (on a critical) will be knocked down.


Here’s the rules section that spells this out (stolen from another post of mine yesterday).


In your example, every model is hit, which means that every model is “the model hit”. :slight_smile:

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Apologies for necro, was wondering if @elswickchuck can weigh in
I think I agree with interpretation, but locals looking for infernal confirmation.
Importantly, it seems like Invictus can knock himself down :slight_smile: Which is kinda funny if true.

Yes it would knock down them all in the above example

And yes is also confirmed to be funny when he knocks himself down lol