Non-Character Character Units?

In Mk2 and Mk3 I ran a lot of character units; Cylena & the Nyss Hunters, Croe’s Cutthroats, that sort of thing.

Since those units got cut in half, what if they instead got split into a character unit and a non-character unit? Like, you have a FA:C unit of Cylena and 4 Nyss Grunts, and then a FA:1 unit of five Nyss Grunts?

I don’t see how it could hurt.


They kind of did it with Sam and the Devil Dogs, the Devil Dogs are a FA 2 unit and Sam a Character solo that gives them a +1 to attack rolls while within 10"

Cylena and co being a Partisan Retribution unit, also available in a Prime Army, seems to add complications in how info is added or organized, as they were only included in Unlimited Mercs past week or so, and they were not initially deployed in Unlimited Factions like Khador, it was added with the final rollout of Unlimited Mercs.