Multi faction models

So by the end of Mk3, some people got to calling the game Mix-Machine. Indeed, many themes would allow you to take models from different factions and sometimes count them as friendly faction. This brought a lot of people to buy models from outside their faction for those “splash” themes.
Now, i think moving away from this was kind of a good move as it damaged faction identity. However, many models were made either for (1) multiple factions or (2) a specific character in mind. In both those cases, I believe those models should still be multiple factions enabled.
Some exemples of (1) that are present in the game are : Toro, Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke, Croe’s Cutthroats (in Unlimited), Nemo4 (in Unlimited).
Some exemples of (1) that are NOT present in the game are : Rahera, Ol’Grim, Gaspy4, Aurora2.
Some exemples of (2) that are present in the game are : none
Some exemples of (2) that are NOT present in the game are : Cankerworm for Gaspy4, Dynamo for Nemo4.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Maybe make them possible all the time, or only in a certain format (like Unlimited)? Or not at all and it’s better as is?
And if an official answer, is there in the works regarding the subject or an official stance?

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I think that if they are to be brought back in some capacity then it needs to be later. We need to have some time for things to settle down, see how Legacy is doing, etc., before introducing such elements. And even then take some time before deciding on HOW to bring them in.

And definitely only unlimited. I’m not saying balance is unimportant for unlimited, but I think its more important for Prime.


I understand why they are getting rid of them now, to simplify things, but I really don’t like it.
I had a bunch of trolls to go with my Minions, and now, I don’t have a functional army with them. Even in Unlimited.
I personally think that things could be perfectly balanced with their inclusion though.

Dunno. What’s balanced for one skill level is busted (over or under) at another. I’ve got some of my Menoth stuff that’s not in Unlimited so I can understand not having everything you want or need. Again, I think wait and see is best. They’re still working on their roadmap projects.