New Kaijo Monster?

Good afternoon,

So… I just read this article that Emanuel Class published

And in the spirit of good fun I would like to empha"Size" to the aspect that we may have a pun/joke monster of "Titan"ic size over here, and it’s definitely in is hyper form!!!

First of we start in alpha form with a nice little short story with a final kick which I thought I was ready, since I already read so many articles from Emanuel Class, but (jokebarometer 1) I was surprised to find that I wasn’t.

Then Titanical joke Kaiju Dev Emanuel Class goes directly in to Hyper form, announcing directly, quote: Ahoy all, it’s your friendly neighborhood kaiju dev here, and I am overflowing with hype today

Titanical joke Kaiju Dev Emanuel Class, teases that maybe he has high mobility and flight, quote
And one thing is for sure: this monster may surf into game stores, but it’s going to fly off the shelves.

Apparently this kaiju can also cause a huge “leak”, in the boost dice pool, because, quote: What could be more fitting than flooding your attacks with blue Boost Dice?

In the end Titanical joke Kaiju Dev Emanuel Class reveals to “wave on” the famous synergy packed kaiju, since quote,There is so much awesome new synergy to dive into that I can’t wait for everyone to come up for air, take a deep breath, and then let us know what you think.

Well Emanuel Class, I don’t know you myself, but like in “diving”, pun/joking should never be done alone. Thank you for the fun giggles, I gave my best over here, but you are still the master.

My best regards,
Diogo Serranito