What is your favorite monster pairing, and why?

Hello all! Just figured I’d start with a simple question: what is your favorite monster pairing, and why?

Alternatively, what monster pairing do you want to try, and what has you excited about it?

I’ll start!

I’m interested in trying Hurricanius and Pteradax together, and not just because I recently finished painting both!

Despite the fact that they’re both 10-health monsters – normally a hard “No” for me! – I think there are some potentially fun shenanigans to be had with Action: Blitz and Action: Tow. I’m hoping I can sneak a Psi-Eel (or two!), a Stomatavor, or an Arbiter Monolith into unexpected positions!

And, two High Mobility, Flight, SPD 7-9 (depending on hyper forms and the Industrial Complex!) DEF 9 monsters is nothing to sneeze at either!

What do you think would be fun to try, and why? :slight_smile:

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I agree that double 10 health pairs are often a poor choice, but there is someone in the current Tabletop Simulator league that has made it quite far with Mecha-Maxim/Xaxor, so it is definitely possible to do well if you have a particular synergy in mind that can make up for the health disadvantage into most other lists.

My favorite pair is constantly in flux because I’m always trying new stuff out from both agendas. Currently, I really like Insatiable Yasheth / Ultra Cyber Khan (UCK). UCK is great at enabling high damage turns by hitting an enemy monster with his Strafe blast and clearing out a unit or building that is acting as a screen, preventing Insatiable from aligning for a power attack. He can also Tow something like a Toxxo into the appropriate landing zone to cheat in an extra damage from Hazardous. On the other end, Insatiable has the amazing Consume action on his alpha form which allows him to clear out screening units while gaining power dice. Then, when he gets into his hyper form, he has access to Feeding Frenzy which really cranks up the amount of damage the pair can deal out. They are very aggressive while also maintaining some positional nuance which makes them a really fun pair.

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I’m a pretty casual player, so I don’t know how they’d do in a tournament, but I enjoy Gorghadra and Gorghadratron from a thematic perspective. I’m hoping that some Übercorp copies of Planet Eater units get released to further push the concept.

I thought about running Tharsis-5 and The Conductor for Maximum Building Control All The Time Forever, but I worry that it’d be too troll-ish. If I’m the only one at the table who’s having a good time, why aren’t I playing solo?

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I wrote an entire article for SmashU about (one of) my favorite pairings: Winning Ideas: Gausamal and Magma Khan [Tekk] — Smashville University


I love a good thematic pairing. I think my favorite is The Queen of Ixmiqui and the Warden of Teocalli. They are so much fun to play and I love how the layers of synergy all stack and play off of each other. Providence and alignment on Teocalli is my favorite flavor on a monster. Zor-Maxium make a close runner up for a Queen of Ixmiqui sub.

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