Potential skills and properties in the future

Watching the Emps flight units at Adepticon made me realize how little anti-air weapons there are. If i remember right there are only 2 weapons, Talon Mk II and Cyclone Cannon by MW that has this trait. I was thinking if unit card are ever update Anti air should be a icon perk like spray or spread shots. And should added to some other units or weapons. Does anyone else have any interesting ideas for new traits, skills, or properties? Some skill I though of:

Arc Inverter: Deals an addition if the unit is charged

Double time: This unit can move an additional 3in, but can not attack this activation.

Suppressing fire: The unit targeted by this attack will be treated as in rough terrain until the end of its next activation. This attack does not need to hit to use this effect.

Gate Jumper: You may deploy this unit 3in from your warp gate.

Jack rider: This unit can be attached to a Warkjack

Interested to see what you guys come up with :smile:


Love these, especially double time, suppressing fire , and gate jumper. Leaves me thinking what could use them :slight_smile:

On air units: they were originally supposed to be a rare and very good ability. It’s a lot more frequent now, but still readily countered with flying melee or accurate guns.

I think there could be a few more “rock paper scissors” style abilities in general: weapons that are more effective against models with arc or cyphers on them, or medium based solos, or pathfinder or weapon expert… Just feel like it gives more range in “why should I use this unit” if they have a clear thing they counter.

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I think they do balance it, I think the “issue” and i say this likely is the rng. Like one of the best ways to get around a warjack is hit it was status aliments. But sometimes you only have one or two unit on the field. Or your weaver is to far anf you have to hope you can land a status aliment. I kinda feel this way when i play mooregrave. He “should” be good at wiping a squad, or bursting down a solo. But sometime, charged with a MAT 5 + 1 Red you will still fail to hit a unit with with 3 DEF. A better example, my friend rolled 7 dice with a MW hunter an rolled all blanks. Alot of the time some of your plans are dependent on to much random. Honestly think it frustrating the strong the unit is suppose to be.

Still, rolling many dice with a small variable number (in Warcaster’s case, 0 to 2) makes the bell curve for the results a lot more predictable than rolling, say, 2D6. All games where success is determined by dice rolls have a random effect.

I mean, I’ve rolled seven 1’s in a row on a D6 while playing Blood Bowl, and a row of 1, 1, 2, 1 on a D20 when playing D&D. I’ve played a Warmachine Mk3 tournament game with Butcher 1 without destroying a single enemy model on his feat turn, and another game where I had 13 attempts to roll 8+ on 2D6 (and a few with 3D6) to win a tournament game and failed each of them by rolling exactly 7 every time. Things like that will happen in a universe where people roll dice an infinite number of times.

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True, I just mean the rolls makes it more difficult to make balance out counters. Like blast and strafe in theory should be good for wiping squad. Their are also defensive rolls in play as well making the results less predictable. You 4 with 6 dice with a RAT 3, and your opponet could roll 4 with 2 Dice on DEF. Or, you could roll 4, they roll 2, your get 2 power dice to a POW three and are roll poorly and still unable to damage an arm 3. Unlike a game like 40k when you just roll for just to hit.

One thing to remember about Warcaster, especially compared to MonPoc:

Strike dice math is weird. :slightly_smiling_face:

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