Israfyl arms not fitting eidolon chasis

Was attempting to build israfyl and found that i have 2 different eidolon prints. The first chassis i grabbed couldnt fit the arms. Luckily i had a second. Wierd part is these are both from starter boxes and i have arms that will fit the tiny hole dude.

Were there changes?


I do belive there was a reenginering of some models, i didnt know that the eidolon was one of the redesigned ones

Wow, that’s so weird.

Eidolon and the Ghast both have been retooled, I got 2 preview boxes and cocked up the magnets on one Ghast (always do the bodies first) and I can’t use the arms i got in the starter box on it, so now I’m digging magnets out of arms :frowning:
It is also worth noting now the ghast has big chunky fittings that stick out and cause the arms to look odd.

Hello LazyDragonJK,

We retooled the Ghast and the Eidolon after the preview boxes. Unfortunately Israfyl arms will only fit the Eidolon from starters onward. That said, although we disposed of all old parts before producing new to avoid any chance of mixups in the starters, we had a small number of bagged, (but not packed) old Eidolon kits that got missed during the purge and mistakenly put in starters. You may have received one of those. It should still function perfectly fine, but you may not have enough of the right magnets and it wouldn’t be Israfyl compatible. Hopefully your situation worked out.

Erik Reiersen

Yeah i had another that worked. And arms for the tiny socket guy so should be all good