Looking for names and maps of the Khadoran Volozkya

I can find mention of 17 Volozkya that make up Khador, each ruled by a Great Prince. The names I can find are Kos, Razokov, Borstoi, Umbrey, and Khardoska. I’m looking for any more information. Names of different Volozkya, why sometimes two Volozkya get merged into one thing called a Volozk, the map boundaries, if there is a more Russian sounding title other than ‘Great Prince’, which of the provinces are predominantly Kossite or Umbrean or Skirov, etc. Anything at all.

I’m going to be running a campaign dealing with the politics of two neighboring Volozkya, inspired by the adventure hook on p. 31 of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, where a minor noble is trying to assert her claim to a princeless Volozkya and I would love to have more information to either create my own two provinces or flesh out two existing ones.

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The FMF book Kings, Nations, Gods has a map of Khador and its provinces on p. 115, and information on the volozkyas on pp. 147-170. The PDF of that book is still available on drivethrurpg.com.