Umbrean/Skirov description

Here might be the best place to ask this, but i finaly had time read the new heroes and villains of Kaptain Yana Kovoskiy, in the article it describes that she was remarkable from Skirovs(she is half Skirov and Umbrean) for being tall and having fair hair, and her father(Skirov) was distinct from a Umbrean comunity for being dark haired and short stature, but the material that refers from the iron kingdoms describes the other way around?
So i’m i missremembering, did a retcon happen, am i going crazy?

All RPG books (the old D20 3.5 Character Guide, the FMF core book, and the DnD5 book) agree that Yana and her father should have been thoroughly unremarkable for their ethnicities, except for Yana being tall. I think we can chalk this up to a writing oversight in putting these characters’ descriptions together. These kinds of things happen, especially when multiple people write for a setting and they occasionally forget to check the bible (i.e. the setting definition notes).

Alternatively, this may be a switch-up that has happened in translation, if you are referring to a translated book. I’ve got a book in which the translator switched hot and cold (personally, I think that was a brain fart caused by the similarity between English “deep fried” and German “tieffrieren” (‘deep freeze’)).

In the portuguese book there is a possible misstranslation where it says they are tall, however in the Kings nations and gods it says they are short for Khadoran standarts, but still tall for southeners, it most likely is either a confusion/distraction qhen writing sometimes it does happen mainly in group effort, but the strange is that her father is a skirov with the umbrean main traits description (dark hair and particular facial features)