Khador Great Bear Grinder intended ROF

Currently the great bears grinder weapon is ROF 0. What value should this be?

Oh actually this is a weird app bug I think. If you add the card to your army and open it it shows ROF 0 however it shows ROF 2D3 in other parts. I guess that answers my question and this should be changed to a bug report


It is indeed a bug. I thought it was just fixed with the latest release, but I may be mistaken.

The Grinder is ROF 2d3…unless they want to give us some more! :slight_smile:

The poor Cygnar Centurion Cyclone is off crying in a corner somewhere.

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The Cyclone is dead! Long live the Great Bear! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive faced enough Mk4 Cyclones to recognise they are fine and, honestly, one of the best jacks in the game.

Its upsetting I have to care about the Cyclone after all these editions of being able to safely ignore them.

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Pin Cushion - what a spell!

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