Kapitan Ilari "Howl of the Wolf" feat

I have a question to illari’s feat, because as far as i understand it, the feat feels very underwhelming compared to his fellow winter korps casters.
“When a model in Borisyuk’s battlegroup destroys one or more enemy models with an attack while in his control range, one other model in Borisyuk’s battlegroup can immediately advance up to 2” and make one basic attack. Howl of the Wolf attack rolls are boosted. A model can only advance and attack as a result of Howl of the Wolf once per game. Howl of Wolf lasts for one turn."
The “Howl of the Wolf attack rolls are boosted” is the part i’m not sure i play it correctly. I play it as every extra attack that is generated through the feat has boosted attack rolls. Is that correct? Or has every attack from every model in ilari’s battlegroup, even initial attacks, boosted attack rolls in his feat? Because that would make his feat alot better. At the moment i get usally 2" extra movement and 1~2 attacks and that feels kinda weak.

The ‘extra’ attacks from the feat are boosted, the others are not.

It is difficult to get the most out of. I find I line up a perfect turn where all my heavy guns go into heavy targets, but the fact that you need to keep killing models to keep the chain going means you need a few things that target infantry too. Dire wolf chain guns or bombards are good to shoot into infantry for example.

Otherwise you need to make sure you are targeting things you are capable of killing, blow away large numbers of medium infantry for example is still a good turn, especially if you get a couple extra cannon shots on worthy targets.

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Alright, thanks for the answer. I guess i will do my best to get the most out of his feat then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note that, while everybody fixates on ranged attacks with Ilari’s feat, it can be used to make melee attacks as well.

There are a lot of pretty good melee critical effects that can occur as a result, and some pretty funny outcomes available if you do it right.

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Also, Ilari is part of the battlegroup.

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