Wolf Feat vs Caine Feat

If Caine1 feats into Wolfe feat and kills 25 infantry simultaneously does Wolfe’s feat proc 25 times or once? The wording suggests 25 but given previous rulings on similar abilities I wanted to confirm this is the intended interaction.

I’d wager anything where things die simultaneously will only trigger Give 'Em Hell! and other similar abilities once. Sprays, Thresher (as indicated by a ruling), AOE, etc.

Here’s a previous thread regarding how Thresher interacts with Wolfe’s feat:

Nothing in Caine’s feat says the attacks are resolved simultaneously, however. You obviously can’t save up the Maelstrom attacks for later in the turn (because it doesn’t say you can), but the attacks are individual attacks because nothing says otherwise.

So, yes, kill 25 models and you trigger the feat 25 times.

Thanks to @Disgruntled-Tom for pointing out something I missed.

The attacks are simultaneous, but, thinking about it, this is different from the Thresher example because the Maelstrom feat attacks are definitely separate attacks. I think it’s still going to be one trigger per one destroyed model, but let’s get an Infernal ruling…

@elswickchuck , please see the question in the first post.

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Michael… last line of Maelstrom. Easy to miss.

Whoops! I did indeed gloss over that; thank you. Let me amend my answer…

Right now its looking as though it would generate a move per model.

Its not so much it being simo, but more so along the lines of that each is an attack.

I believe we have stated the same for loke flashing blade but let me double check on that

If it ends up being related to Flashing Blade (i.e., it’s one spell, but all the attacks generated by it are separate attacks with separate triggers, unlike Thresher), could you also post the ruling/answer in the Tyrus Flashing Blade topic from December?

I would really hope that these interactions become more intuitive. It is difficult explaining the nuances of a single attack with multiple attack rolls, vs simultaneous attacks. Everything from sprays, tramples, flashing blade, maelstrom, thresher, and I’m sure there is more… it would be easier if they all worked the same.

It looks like i answered those in that thread i thought.

Is there something I’m missing

I agree, thankfully when we have discussions like this we are able to send it off and get it looked at to where we can try to stream line wording