Is Regulators + Witch Hounds + Quartermaster a thing?

We don’t have an ISA player in the group so I am just theorycrafting. But, potentially, if you have a 5 ARC void gate, you could summon a 7 person unit between Regulators, Witch Hounds and the Quartermaster. To you ISA players out there: Is this a thing?

I’m only counting a 5 model unit:

Regulators (3 man, DC 3)
Witch Hounds (1 model, DC +1)
Quartermaster (1 model, DC +1)

That’s doable in at least Marcher Worlds too. I can’t immediately see any way to get more than 5 models in any given unit.

Witch Hounds are a group of 3 models for 1 DC arent they? I’m pretty sure Yord is absolutely right.

The PP Warcaster wiki has an FAQ on this:

Q: When Witch Hounds are added to a squad, is the +1 Deployment Cost for 1 model or 3 models?
A: When you add an attachment to a squad, you the full model count of the attachment. For the Witch Hounds, you add 3 models to the squad for +1 Deployment Cost.

But I am wondering: DC 5 is quite expensive and situational. So is a 7 model squad really a thing?

Admittedly, I’ve been only theorycastering that unit so far, but I don’t see that as being very impressive. Sure, it’s a big unit to peel off a critical objective, but it’s also a huge investment of resources to put onto the table.

Interesting. The Thousand Worlds book — which is what I was referencing — doesn’t list the model count for Witch Hounds.

The larger the unit the faster it is able to move. It is a big investment, but very difficult to remove from a key point, especially if their ARM or DEF is buffed.

Speaking as an ISA player with quite a bit of tournament experience, I’ve never bothered with this, quartermaster doesn’t give much to the unit as they don’t have great guns and they are expensive as is. Getting a 5 arc gate out as ISA is very hard as well, ISA doesn’t have the arc free usually for more than a 4 gate, if you really really want to summon a bunch of stuff, with gatecrasher/eschatonic you can have a 4 gate and a 3 gate out at once. I typically put her on tracers and there she’s amazing, super long threat on her guns, they benefit from everything she has and the extra durability through her boxes/defenses is huge for mortality destabilizer. If I did have a 5 gate I wanted to get regulators out of, I could opt for a reeve instead or some other support solo. Could be funny for the memes if you’re up on points already to have a largehuge unit for 5 DC.

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Kind of. You’d need some extra movement or reposition shenanigans to fully exploit this, however, because no matter how many models there are, they all need to end up within 2" of the moving model during normal movement. So the next activation’s movement will be, at most, 2" + base size “faster”, no matter how many guys you have. But with some way to reposition and spread out the models, things will naturally get different.