Looking for some lore help: Coalition Weavers

I understand the rank / unit structure of the Rangers, but I’m not sure where Weavers fall in the MW hierarchy.

I’m working on the names for my models since I’ll be making narrative batreps based on games my wife & I play. For my MW, my section is led by a Hunter (Lt Davenport) with 1 squad each of Infiltrators & Fire Team (each made up of 1 Cpt & 2 Pvts), 2 Dusk Wolves, a Coalition Weaver, & a Combat Engineer (Sgt).

What I’m trying to figure out is where a Weaver would fit in. Would they be an officer like a subordinate Lt, an NCO like a Cpl or Sgt, or a “para” rank like Warrant Officers in the US Army?

I get that a Weaver is the Warcaster’s “proxy” so-to-speak on the battlefield as far as channeling Fury Cyphers, but for the sake of the story I’m telling, I’m not sure where he’d fall in the rank structure of my section.

It isn’t really specified in Thousand Worlds, but the two most common Wyrds (Warders and Weavers) are attached to squads in the case of Warders and thus probably just specialists, at least to begin with (presumably a skilled Warder could rise in rank the regular way). Weavers is a bit different but it seems their main role are to function as mobile Fury conduits. I assume a Weaver could also rise in rank and get promoted, but it is unlikely that a frontline Weaver would be very high rank. So I am guessing they could be any rank from specialist privates to sergeants.