How do Cadres work

Like if I have a starter set can I use a cadre set to fill out my forces to 12?

If I remember correctly: yes, except for the Champion unit. You can only get the Champion if you have all the rest of the Cadre in your list. However, it’s powerful and I don’t think it counts against your total number of units.

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Units in the Cadre count as units normally do. The Champion cannot be added to your list unless you have all the other models in the Cadre present. If you do, the Champion is added for free. It’s essentially a bonus model that doesn’t count toward the total.

I’ll use the Marcher Worlds starter and their cadre as an example.

The Marcher Worlds starter comes with:

1 Dusk Wolf
1 Coalition Weaver solo
1 Hunter solo
1 Ranger Fire Team

So, right now you have 4 units.

The Dragoon Air Assault Cadre contains:

2 Dragoon Squads
2 Dragoon Gunner attachments for those squads
1 Dragoon Strike Team Leader solo
1 Storm Vulture Champion

Attachments are not counted in your list, and as long as you add all of the other Dragoon cadre models, the Storm Vulture is not counted either.

So, with only those two boxes combined, you only effectively have 7 units in your list:

1 Dusk Wolf
1 Coalition Weaver
1 Hunter
1 Ranger Fire Team
2 Dragoon squads
1 Dragoon Strike Team Leader

You are technically 1 unit and 1 free Hero solo shy of having a valid list for a skirmish-sized game. :slight_smile:


Can you have more than one Cadre, thus more than one Champion (provided it’s not a character model)?

Hrm… be a good thing to add to the wiki. I’m guessing that’s PP staff only though.


Yes, absolutely. :slight_smile: But you have to include a complete second copy of the cadre in order to get the second Champion.

It’s…uh…a lot of work to go through to get an extra free model. :slight_smile: Not sure it’s worth it!

The only rules about duplicates specifically limit that to Hero models. So as long as your Champion is not also a Hero, you’re fine!


As above- yeah starter and cadre is a good starting list for skirmish.

Arcane Synthesis collected overviews for each faction and recommended lists, and generally a functional skirmish list can be build from
Starter (4 units)
cadre (3 units plus ‘free’ champ)
Heavy warjack, or substitute a second light or vehicle (1 unit)
Whatever Hero you like best (1 free hero slot)

Some of the recommended lists followed this format exactly, certainly Empyreans and AC the starter plus cadre is perfect.
Index to the faction guides is here