Iron Kingdoms & Warmachine acquired by Steamforge Games

Also featuring teaser images of new warcasters and jacks. One being an especially iconic looking gun mage.


I hope that, once the social media Q&A frenzy is over, somebody gives us a recap here…

Because it’s impossible to follow the frenzy on several Discord channels, and Facebook, and so forth. :rofl:


Its business as usual here at the dev office. Play-test and development continue as it has with the same crew.

If you got more questions check out their discord. I know some of them have been answering a lot of folks questions there. Steamforged Games


That’s good news, and most of what I wanted to hear! I’m a big fan of the work of the current crew


I’m feel the same as Nero, I’m a fan of the current design philosophy.

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The only thing that worries me is how Guild Ball had these seasons and stuff that basically obsoleted models after a certain period of time. The thing that has always separated Privateer Press from the rest of the miniatures games crowd is the respect you’ve had for people’s miniature collections. Even with the Herculean effort of creating Mk4, you worked hard to keep our Legacy models playable, at least in some context.

So, even though I’m not worried that Steamforged does something bad to the IP, I am somewhat hesitant to make new purchases without knowing the life expectancy of my models’ playability.


So what does that mean for this forum? does it stay a PP thing and drop the WM sections or will it move to SFG?


I think Unlimited format could be expanded by doing what Mantic did and hand the play testing and tournament format for it to a council of reliable 1099’s.

Prevents the main employees from getting bogged down in the past and gives more involvement to the fans.

In a perfect universe this is what Line of Sight would have been born to do.

Compile the changes, exclusive steam roller scenarios, and Unlimited fan scenarios into releases.

Rebrand Unlimited format into “Warmachine Infernal Redoubts”.

If interest stays strong slowly trickle in WIR STLs for sale to support the fan driven project.

It would basically set Unlimited into a fictional historicals range for Warmachine, a genre that is usually fan driven anyway.

Unlimited exists so that long-time fans with existing collections wouldn’t drop the game. :slight_smile:

STLs aren’t gonna happen. They’re a great way to lose an infinite amount of money. No one is going to spend $2,000 to resculpt an old unit just to sell $200 worth of STLs. :slight_smile:

You see a lot of “WTB Slaughterhouse” and such in the buy/sell groups, but about eight people are gonna buy one, and that’s that. There’s no money in it.

Infinitely better to get people to buy your new product, than to spend huge amounts of effort to (re)manufacture and try to push product that’s already sold 99+% of everything it’ll sell.

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Maybe, maybe not, the future is a curious thing.

While it is always possible that I, a mere fan who has no insider knowledge about SFG’s plans, is completely wrong, I nonetheless remain pretty confident that there’s no profit to be had by redesigning and selling discontinued models for a truly miniscule subset of customers. :slight_smile:

If we go with this line of thought then SFG would scrap whole legacy right away.

But naturally this fails to understand the marketing and customer relationship part of the business. It isn’t hard to notice that a number of players who consider getting into the game are actually ones who have played the Warmachine also before and likely have older models. There were also a lot of players who did quit the game at the start of MK4.

If SFG manages to get one player back into the game by allowing that player to complete his existing army, there is a very big chance that the player will purchase also a new MK4 army later. That grows the profit much more than the sale of one miniature. Keeping existing players is much more efficient marketing than trying to sell the game to totally new player. Also, if these existing players actually play the game that also helps to get new players in. Again, much more profit than the simple one model sale.

That said, I don’t think it is realistic to get models which were not digitally sculpted into print-on-demand unless a really good 3D scanner technology is available. But those which actually were digitally sculpted and require much less effort - that’s a possibility.


there will be no change for quite some time, and it will just be the new MKIV models as PP doesn’t have the ability to make metal or plastic kits.


That does not logically follow. :slight_smile: To speak plainly, Legacy exists because, when MK IV launched, every single then-current player of Warmachine had older armies, and to simply say “You can’t play with any of your old models anymore” would have been suicide. And we all know it. :slight_smile:

…and the older players with older models can still play MK IV with the models they have.

And – speaking from my own personal real-life experience, and not the caterwauling of the social media crowd – not a single player I know has straight-up quit Warmachine due to MK IV. In fact, it’s entirely the opposite. I’ve seen players who haven’t been around in years turn up because they heard about the new edition. I’ve helped onboard more people into Warmachine in the past 10 months than I did in the couple of years leading up to the pandemic.

The assertion that “a lot of players quit the game due to MK IV” simply does not ring true, in my experience.

There’s an expression that is useful here: bending over dollars to pick up pennies.

Sure, maybe by investing $1,500 to create a new (to pick a random model) Tesselator, half a dozen ex-Convergence players will return, buy the two models they never owned, and start playing again.

But even without having special inside business knowledge, I am absolutely, 100% certain that the effort involved to create a cool, new model using the cool, new aesthetic of the current game, which thousands of new players might purchase is a much, much better investment. :slight_smile:

It is ten times easier to sculpt a new model from scratch than it is to try to scan an existing model, clean up the geometry, resculpt problem areas, and generally make it printable. The old models, especially metal ones, were designed for a different and largely incompatible manufacturing process, period. :slight_smile:

If you ever saw a metal and resin version of the same model, unless there was a true mold wizard at Privateer who could do magic, then those models were made from very different molds using very different and effectively incompatible setups. This is (usually) the reason that formerly all-metal models got new sculpts when they transitioned to cast resin. Different materials behave differently.

Not to mention, we already have one company’s explicit rationale for discontinuing the legacy models:

That problem has not gone away. A reset was needed. Going back is a bad idea. :slight_smile:

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I did not talk about what happened at the start of mk4. I talked what SFG would do now. In all respect, if you want to engage in discussion it would be good to even read what you are replying.

Another classic way to attack against an argument I didn’t say. In my experience we had well over 10 players playing at our club nights when mk4 was announced (late 2022), all who had played the game before. But with the problems in early at least half quit already before the official start (January 2023). Hopefully some return one day but there’s no denying that these players quit then.

And I don’t understand why you bring up some hypothetical sculpting of a model from scratch when I specifically mentioned models which were already 3d sculpted.

I guess time will tell do we see any older sculpts. If it happens you surely are yelling about it not being profitable.

Mod Voice Time
The conversation about whether or not SFG will bring back Legacy models is getting heated for some reason, why don’t we drop it unless we can get the temperature down a bit. None of us know what SFG’s plans are at this point.


What is the plan for these forums? Will they stay, or will all IK channels get cut?

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I’m not sure anyone knows for sure yet. I am going to try to advocate that they stick around in some form since they’re vastly superior to FB or Discord for long term content.


I’ve said it before to a lot of people, and I’ll say it again, but Facebook and Discord are absolutely worthless when it comes to storing or locating rulings.

I’ve seen so many completely wrong answers to rules questions given and accepted as fact, simply because a chorus of non-authoritative people repeat the wrong answer.

It’s not until you direct somebody here to an official ruling that they stop arguing “Yeah well my friend said so, therefore it doesn’t matter what that rules sentence from the actual rulebook that you just quoted says.” :stuck_out_tongue:


yep, rely on navigating facebook or discord to find rulings or even try to follow a discussion is like a punishment in hell. the http protocol was not invented to obscure stuff down a stream of unsearchable text.