Iron Kingdoms & Warmachine acquired by Steamforge Games

For the time being the dev team still intends to monitor these forums and respond to rules questions here. I can’t say that will be the case forever, we are still coordinating many things with the SFG team. When we have news on that front I will share it :slight_smile:


please keep these, discord is like trying to keep track of a particular conversation yelled across a stadium.


mmm :thinking: Good points. Do you think new armies like the Winter Guard, Trenchers, and Mechno Thralls is taking iconic models, giving them a 3D sculpt and giving them a new spin in the process?

If so, that is pretty brilliant. Let initial investors play with their old models while retired or new players pick up the 3D sculpt versions and do a phase out of the classic line in 5th edition.

I agree, relying on one medium for communication is like using a hammer as your single tool for every situation.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. :slight_smile:

Legacy exists because otherwise (effectively) everybody would have left the game, heh. (Source: speculation. But…c’mon. Would you still be playing if you were told “All your old models are completely worthless” ?)

Getting new spins on Winter Guard (Winter Korps), Trenchers (Gravediggers), etc. is just evolving what came before. Keep it familiar while giving it a new spin and a fresh coat of paint. :slight_smile:

Can we please get a collection of rulings and answers in the app? It would be extremely helpful and more universally accessible than the forums here.


Probably a monthly recap would be a useful way, or a single “rulings compilations” documents that get updates whenever is needed (so, when the doc is updated, it appears in the app update announcement the same way a card update appears).

Although I’m not sure if such a document would be big enough to be a headhache, maybe if there is a way to take stuff out of it, the same way that stuff goes in (for example, once the effect on that ruling is reflected in the rules). Maybe a blog entry every x months is enough, with a link from the app