I'm confused about the 'cadre' thing and 'casters

[I’m not confused anymore. See answer below]

I have to admit I’m confused about the ‘Cadre’ thing. I’m making the Khador Annihilators Cadre ready for battle. However, I’m not sure how an army will look with them; in particular including Tatiana (the Cadre Warcaster).

If I, as an example make a 75 point Winter Korps army and add Tatiana (the Cadre 'caster) first the app says: “HINT add a WARCASTER card to your force”. I can then add “another” 'caster; lt’s try Ekaterina. The hint now goes away.

The app then points out that I should add two 'jacks to my 'caster. If I add them to Ekatarina, all are happy. Same thing if I just add them to Tatiana. So, basically I can end up with two 'casters (a normal and a cadre), and only one of them has 'jacks (or one on each actually). After more testing it turns out that the 'caster hint doesn’t go away unless I add two 'casters of any sorts.

I can only find one mention of ‘Cadre’ in the rules (p. 51, my emphasis):
The MKIV edition includes two Arenas of play: Unlimited, which will allow all existing Legacy and new MKIV models to be playable; and Prime, which will provide limited model options in building armies from the pre-existing catalog, as well as incorporating all new MKIV releases.

Army Construction Flowchart
Step 1 - Choose your Faction.
Step 2 - Choose an Army from within the faction.
When playing in the Unlimited Arena, you will also have the option to choose ‘Custom Army’, which allows you to build an army from all available Legacy models in the faction.
Step 3 - Choose a Leader for your army.
Step 4 - Spend Army Points to construct your force from the models available to your Army.
If Cadre or Mercenary models are available to your army, they will appear in your available model list
Step 5 - Select Five Command Cards."

I’m under the impression that the “one 'caster rule” still applies. So, logic would dictate that the app is messing things up. Yet, the Care rules are at best a bit unclear. So, what is it: can I have two 'casters if one of them is Cadre or is the app a mess (in particular as it seems that two 'casters is an app-requirement to get rid of the hint)?

My guess is that the app is a mess. Yet, as I read the Cadre rules it might be correct.


I’ve just tried to replicate this and can’t.
Did you select a Duo list by chance?

The Cadre forces just appear in the normal army, but will later appear in a second army as well.

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Thank you!

I had not noticed that “duo” versions of all levels had appeared. When did that happen? I just pressed 75 points and it turns out that it is the duo-pitched battle.

As a side note. If I do not pick duo. All is good when I add the first 'caster. Adding a second brings back the add warcaster hint :smile:

I’m good and have learned to read.

Thank you Mohrg.


They added it about a month ago i think, the idea is to make teaching pairs lists to allow 2 casters.