[UL] Mercenary Warcasters in other Factions question

My group is getting ready to start playing Unlimited Mk4 soon. I did notice something: in the format I can use my Steelhead units which is very cool. But what surprised me was I could use Mercenary warcasters in a Menoth list but there’s no mentioning of jacks available outside of the Protectorate jacks. I can pick the Protectorate jacks and it validates.

Am I misunderstanding and this is working as intended? Or are Merc jacks in Legacy Unlimited lists something that needs to be added in?

Sounds like an error in the app. The Unlimited format has probably not been finalized yet, as PP’s focus has been trying to get the Prime armies in working condition.

First of all, if your only warcasters are Mercenaries, your army is a Mercenary army. And Merc casters can have only Merc warjacks in their battlegroups.

Someone I play with did reach out to the feedback team on this and it does seem to be an error in the app. It seems to be a holdover from MKIII when you could get to a point where you had 2 caster armies

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