WNM Speculation and wishlisting

I love this game so much. I picked up in KS1 to just check it out. Didn’t take long for me to love it. Its now my primary game of choice (and has been for awhile now), easily surpassing WMH.

Which makes the long wait for new content tough.

So while we wait, lets make stuff up!

  1. Speculation: what will we see coming up? For Lost Legion, “Faction 6,” the existing factions, or anything else? One of my favorites is Faction 6 will be SPACE DRAGONS! (all caps and exclamation required). Though I personally hope it will be some dark terror from the void (which very well may be SPACE DRAGONS!) like space infernals or some other otherworld horror.

  2. Wish-listing: what do you want to see most? What hole in your faction needs filling? Id love to see more faction-specific cyphers. Or more cyphers entirely. Id also like to see more non-hero solos, squads and units. So we can have more unique unit types in larger games, maybe break up some list monotony Im running into. Being an AC main, I think we could see more cybernetic monstrocities of the AC. Some grafter “failed experiments.” Like some cyberpsychosis brutes with 1 too many mods and an overloaded interface. Or what about a cassal heavy weapon team? Heck, Id settle for Witch Hunters just being actually useful! I also saw some folks home-brewing weapon turrets on discord. All kinds of sweet ideas.

  3. Make your own: In case you feel you need room or freedom to express. Like me and my buddy playing around with 36” board, 6” stealth, and unifying scenarios to 1 standard for all game sizes.

Love to hear from folks! What are your big ideas?

  1. I hope the kickstarter is this year. No idea on delivery though.

  2. No idea yet. Seeing all the current minis go to 3d printing would be awesome though.

  3. I personally want to do skirmish games so I want to see more skirmish scenarios. I also want a campaign system like in other games such as Warcry, Deadzone, Stargrave, etc.


I really want to see proper biological aliens in the game. Play on Xenomorphs, Zerg, those things in Pitch Black to give some powerful alien monster army. Every single model is a cunning beast that hunts or protects or does whatever else an army needs it’s models to do. The mechanics can stay exactly the same as the factions are now – possibly with their own Cypher deck to account for funky Warjack equivalents if you must.

But make them actual ALIENS.


I also want more Cypher card options.

I have my favorite Cyphers in my rack, and continue to see little reason to vary those up much. I’d love to see at least 24 more Cyphers to spice up the Rack some. On top of those, I’d also like to see more faction-specific Cyphers, this time having each of those shared between a pair of factions.

Without that, my Rack is going to be about 75% identical in every list I have.


So basically like a Hordes equivalent?
I can dig that. Squad a solo smaller gribblies, “jack” and “vehicle” bigger gribblies.

It could still work on Arc and cyphers, too.


So into this idea! An alien hive mind would also fit sooo well into the current gameplay!


Imagine if they had their own Void Gates, too.
Maybe you could even activate one of those gates as a Solo and have it scoot into position. Or maybe even spend Arc to make an attack of some kind.

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I mean heck, even just having an active void gate would be interesting. Or just to be able to spawn off their “jacks” by spending the arc off them


I had a similar thought!
It would be like they could almost duplicate themselves in a way.

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1: Since my theory LL was wrong but i still think my army idea might be correct just for the 6th faction. Lore wise I think they will be an alien race who were pushed out the empyreans long ago. The fighting amoung the 5 current factions they see as an opportunity to reclaim their home worlds. They would most likely be the creatore of artifacts such as mooregrave oblivion and some of harlok gear. They will most likely be consider the “dark” faction and be the alien counter part to AC. ISA is emps, MW is LL, AC is 6th faction. The image of the green eye humaniods and green life draining warjack and artifact found in the lore kinda point to them being space Cryx with a game play around possibly draining arc.

Next KS will most likely have LL catch up to other faction with a basic set, cadres, vehicle, and wild cards.

2: Overall wish list I would like the a new version of the first wave cards to make them more viable picks over just cadres. Something to give them more synergy. I personally dont like how cadre pushes other options out. I play AC so these a just thing i wish would be updated.

  • I think stealth should be 6in to force units in melee range

  • Hex Cannon should inflict a hex status. A unit that is hex has any cyhper on them remove and while hexed this unit can not have cyphers played on them until the end of the pulse round.

  • Mooregrave in general. I would remove living terror with a skill, let call it dreadful aura. Enemy non hero- warriors within a certain range of Mooregrave get -1 on Mat and Rat out of fear of him. Replace phase stalker will blood lust. If moore grave has killed a warrior model this turn do not place an activation token on him. Replace his pistol with a utility weapon. Let say like gravity weapon that does little or no damage but pulls a target close to Mooregrave. I think everything on Oblivion could stay

  • Last, every faction or at least between the light and heavy warjacks should have a weapon with anti air on it. There needs to be more counters for flying units.

3: I have reading the rules for five parsecs from home and wonder if how I could create an TTRPG /wargame hybrid for single player. For warcaster I was thinking the player would be an unassigned fledging warcaster out proving themselves with their own ship and crew. What i struggle with is a progression system for the warcaster captain and crew, and how void gates should work. I have also been thinking about rules for a conquest game mode. Players compete for control of terriories on a map where each territory gives some kind of resources. There is a deck of campain cards with story cards that progress the narrative if the games. There are also plot twitch card that can be played during matchs. AND at Adepticon I meet, i think his name is Travis? From PP who wanted to make some changes to racing to make it feel more like pod racing in start wars. I have been noting down some changes to simulate speed, and the introduction of obstacles spawns based on a random card draw system.

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My wishlist:

  1. More skirmish scenarios.
  2. I would like to have some win conditions that can end the game before playing all rounds and turns. Warmachine have casterkill and 5 points deffrence as such conditions. Right now Warcaster games are played much longer than Warmachine games and it is nonsense because we have less models and activations here.

For faction six I’d like to see something alien and malevolent. Just not Cthulhu. That’s overdone.

And I’d love to see turrets and possibly artillery as mantlets. Think of what that could bring to the game!

Character jacks could be fun to see.

And I wouldn’t mind more lore. More possibly revealed, with more mysteries to keep us wondering.


Having a “you have a lead of X amount of VPs above your opponent” would be a decent way to end games before 3 full Pulse Rounds end. The catch is that this would not work with End of Pulse scoring, which admittedly favors 2nd players pretty hard. End of Activation scoring favors 1st players quite a bit, but at least that would enable an instant-win sort of possibility.

Perhaps win conditions could be checked between player turns, so after the 2nd player ends their turn you check to see if one player has more VPs than the other. The 1st player gets the edge to score first, but the 2nd player gets the edge to scoop final VPs before checking the win condition.

Im a little hesitant to embrace this concept. So many of the scenarios have big swings in the last pulse round, because thats often when scoring is most valuable. Putting in a hard cap lead win just cuts off longer-playing strategies and favors factions that can get an early lead (read, Marchers).

I have had many games where I was behind until Pulse 3, but won.

So Id prefer to avoid this.

That said, there are cases where you can skip the last 1-2 turns of pulse 3 when its clear the down player simply does not have the activations left to even up or win. But this does not require a new mechanic, just a board-state check. :slight_smile:

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That is a good perspective on it as well.

No question, without an instant-win option, games can take longer to play, and that makes time-constrained tournament play a challenge.

(Controversial view: perhaps that doesn’t matter, and games can take the time they need because every round is exciting action worth playing out.)

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  1. A Riot Quest model and character who slipped into the Warcaster place and time.

  2. 3D printed warjacks and components.

  3. Dragon faction that is a stranded Drakken Armada, with and lore bits that tie Warcaster, MonPoc and Warmachine together.

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Here’s an idea. Keep end of pulse scoring, but advance the timer by the roll of a red die. Roll after each turn and have 10 pips total be worth a pulse round for primary (and say 5 pips in skirmish)

I’ve not had a chance to play yet. How so? I figured it’d take the same or so because units can be brought back.

I’ve no real opinion on instant win/early win conditions. I’ve got some games with them and like them but I’ve got at least one or two friends who refuse to try Warmachine because of Caster Kill. Definitely a YMMV issue.

If played through to the end, a primary mission can run 3 hrs easily. Most people respond with, “we just end when there’s a clear victor” but the heart of this game is in just how far back a deficit you can come from. Primary is generally considered more balanced, but some people also solve this by playing skirmish without some oppressive pieces like heavies and really good solos. At least, these were the complaints of my local meta when attempting to re-spark interest in the game

There’s rumors of a new scenario/narrative packet at some point that I’m looking forward to, I’m hopeful it will help to find a balance

Its because the only win mechanic is scenario (or the rather unlikely tabling, but it can happen). That, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of games have the most scoring in the last few rounds (because thats when objectives are typically worth the most), means that you will (almost) always play a full game.

For skirmish that means each player will play 9 turns, and in Full Battle Force games each player will play 15 turns.

Each turn doesnt strictly take too long, each player walking through a few actions, but mid-to-late game those can get important, so tgere can be lots of short bursts of analysis or tank time.

Plus, Warcaster uses opposed rolls, which definitely adds to play time. But its also kinda key to the game.

If you wanted to shorten the game, I think youd have to look at opposed rolls, though.

But Im not sure long play is an issue, other than trying to run events.