High command check list

Good morning , i have found 4 expansion of High command in a lot i acquired.

I wished to know, can i start play with those 4 sets or i Need a starter set?

And where can i see al the starters and expansion produced to know what to look for next?

Edit so far i understand there are at least those 3 large box:
Starter set warmachine ( Stryker in front ) First starter set with card for khador cygnar protectorate and cryx.
Starter set hordes ( troll, legion,skorne and circle)
Faith and fortune ( i understand the starter with card for convergence, retribution and mercs)

And i grabbed in the Lot 3 expansion + ks exclusive card but there are many other exp out there . It appear that there were some file in pp site but they are gone now.

OK i managed to create a list of product but i do not know if It Is anywhere complete :

Base set ( warmachine /hordes) x
Faith & fortune ( mercs, scyra cyriss)
Quick 2 player rapid engagement

Big guns x
Heroes and Legend
Colossal warfare
Engines of destruction
Invasion of sul - campaign?
Ultimate weapon
Escalating conflict

----- hordes vers
Immortal tales
Elemental rage
Castle of the Key -campaign?
Gargantuan rage
Savage guardians

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By expansion do you mean one of the big boxes or the smaller card packs? If you have a box you should be good to play, I donā€™t believe the smaller packs had enough cards to play a game.

As for a full product list Iā€™m not sure.

Well. I found and bought Also warmachine and hordes starter, to Be sure :joy::joy:. Now hunting for the list of sets/expansion produced.