How to get expansion boxes (Khador, Cygnar, Orgoth) outside US?

In Europe no retailer has these boxes in stock or can even provide a date when these will be available. What are the expected dates here for UK / continental Europe??

Eu received them before na did actually. they are out over there. (not khador yet as nobody has that one yet)
Orgoth Sea Raiders Army Expansion Wayland Games | Wayland Games here is one place


That is not true. No one has received Storm Legion or Orgoth Expansion boxes so far in Europe. Perhaps the boxes were shipped before US but none of these have been received so far.

Wayland Games is a not legit shop, they always show unreleased / unavailable stuff as “in stock” and then need ages to deliver.

Distribution company announced that the shipped boxes are still in customs.

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I know for a fact that people in the eu have received the expansion. just because you haven’t or wont use what resources are available to you doesn’t mean that the boxes aren’t there. they intentionally ship the boxes for the eu 3 weeks prior to when they ship in the us to distributors


That’s a bold claim. I’m reasonably certain that not all Warmachine players in Europe would have come to the internet to declare whether they’ve received their orders or not. So before calling others out as liars (which is what you implicitly did), I’d like to hear what makes you convinced that absolutely no-one in Europe has managed to get their hands on the expansion boxes.

I would also like to point out that Wayland Games is rated 4.9/5 on Trustpilot with over 34,000 reviews, so even if you’ve had some bad experiences with them, it hardly justifies calling them a “not legit shop”. Personally, I’ve experienced some long delays in their delivery times, but only with items that were specifically not in stock at the time I placed my order.



Could anyone from Europe please reply if they have received a Cygnar or Orgoth Expansion box already? And please explain how. Perhaps ordered and received trom wayland games.
I am just looking for a way to get these . . .

I received my orgoth expansion the same release date. I am from Barcelona and the shop is Infernal Forge. Ask them as yesterday they still had some.